It is no coincidence that the Demon selected Panama as his favorite Country for the creation of his superb rum. Sugarcane is crafted with traditional expertise on this volcanic terrain rich in nutrients, aged and blended to perfection in his impervious cellars.
Moreover, steeped in inspiring cultural heritage and immersed in jaw-dropping landscapes, Panama has a lot to offer during the day — and at night. When the sun goes down, revelers hit the streets, from casual breweries to stylish nightclubs, from underground hangouts in the heart of the city to fancy rooftop bars with spectacular views, the city dances to the demon’s tune and toasts with his rum.
Some of the world’s most premium, most seductive demon waters come from here, and it’s no surprise that The Demon’s Share calls Panama its birthplace.
Inspired by the country’s rich traditions and brewed with devilish artistry, The Demon’s Share is the very best part of rum and it’s dedicated with love and brimstone to all fiends all over the world.